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Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding Support. 

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Grace Bartlett


Grace Bartlett
Doula & Lactation Counsellor

Hello and welcome to At Your Side Doula Services.

I’m Grace, a mum to two beautiful kids and I have a passion for supporting women as they navigate pregnancy and motherhood. 

I believe mothers should be well-supported and cared for as they begin their journey with a new baby. 

Aside from my own experiences as a mum, I have undertaken a number of courses so that I can be the best support possible for my clients. Some of my training and experiences include:

-Bachelor of Social Research & Policy (UNSW)  

-Birth and Postnatal Doula certification (Doula Academy of Australia)

-Certified Lactation Counsellor (Childbirth International)

-Childbirth Physiology (Dr Rachel Reed)

-DAISY (Depression and Anxiety Peer Support Study) Volunteer with La Trobe University Melbourne

-Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers (Dr Erin Bowe) 

-Basic Skills In Perinatal Mental Health (Centre for Perinatal Excellence)

-VBAC (Dr Hazel Keedle)

-Supporting Women to Have a Better Birth After Caesarean (Dr Hazel Keedle)

-The Rebozo Reborn (Rebekah Porter Doula)

-Pump Better (Kate Visser, Midwife & IBCLC)

I am currently offering: a private birth class, breastfeeding education in pregnancy, general postnatal support and postnatal breastfeeding support. I am also taking on a limited number of births as a birth doula.

Does this sound like the type of support you would love as you start your journey with a new baby? I would be honoured to be a part of such a special time in the life of your family. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and please get in touch if you have any questions.

With love,


At Your Side Doula Services



Private Birth Class

Antenatal Breastfeeding Education

In-home Breastfeeding Support

Birth Support

Postnatal Support

In-hospital Breastfeeding Support

A pregnant lady

Private Birth Class

We learn about what your body and baby are doing during labour and delivery, discuss the risks and benefits of various interventions, discuss ideas for having an active labour and birth and we practice relaxation techniques. I also provide breastfeeding tips and practical guidance for your support person. Following the initial class, we can make additional bookings to discuss certain aspects of birth in further detail if desired.

$120 for a 3 hour class. 

a baby inside their mother's belly

Antenatal Breastfeeding Education

We will discuss how breastfeeding works, the hormones involved, the different stages of lactation, antenatal expressing, positioning and latching, signs of hunger and satiety, the first few days and weeks of feeding, skin-to-skin time, pain-what’s normal and what’s not, how to tell your baby is getting enough milk and more!

$120 for a 3 hour class. 

A woman breastfeeding
In-home Breastfeeding Support

I can provide breastfeeding support for you and your baby no matter what age or stage they are at. I will take a thorough history of your breastfeeding journey so far and observe a feed. We will discuss your goals, questions and concerns and together work towards breastfeeding being an enjoyable and relaxing time for you and your little one.

$60 per hour. 

Birth Support

As your birth doula I provide a minimum of four antenatal meetings (approximately 2 hours each), support for the duration of your labour and birth and one postnatal meeting. 

During labour I provide support through advocating for your choices, relaxation techniques, massage, active labour and birth positions, heat packs, and more. 

From $1100 for all meetings & continuous support for the duration of your labour & delivery. 

A woman breastfeeding while laying down
Postnatal Support

As your postnatal doula, I can provide you with emotional, physical and informational support while you adjust to life with your precious baby. I come to your home and I can provide feeding support, help with settling your baby, carry out light house work, accompany you and your baby to medical appointments, run errands for you or I can simply look after the baby so you can catch up on some much needed sleep!

$45 per hour. 

Pregnancy-Only Support

This service is aimed at mothers who want the support and education a doula provides but don’t want a doula present at their birth. Pregnancy-only clients will receive all of the same education and support as my birth clients do during their pregnancy. Includes four antenatal sessions, support via text/call/email anytime and if you wish, a phone call after the birth to check in. 


A baby resting on their mother's shoulder

Client Reviews


Grace is incredibly helpful! She gives research-based information and guidance, and is calm and personable. She goes above and beyond in sending out relevant resources and is always available to help. I’ve done other courses to help prepare me for pregnancy/ birth/ breast feeding but Grace is by far the most detailed and thorough. Definitely get Grace involved in all things pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding!


It was fantastic having a consultation with Grace as she gave me many helpful tips and advice to do with feeding a distracted 4 month old, as well as recommending external specialists for tongue tie consultations. Grace gave me lots of research to support bub’s digestion and questions for specialists. Most importantly she was incredibly encouraging and gave me so much of her time to answer any questions I had. I’d thoroughly recommend her to any new mum looking for lactation support.


Grace helped me boost my milk supply and get my baby back on the breast after pumping and bottle feeding for about a month. I was at my wit's end and she came over pretty much right away and saved us. Grace is absolutely lovely and makes you feel so comfortable. Honestly she's like an angel. Thanks so much again Grace, I will never forget you.


I could not recommend Grace from At Your Side Doula services highly enough. As a first time mum, I had no idea what to expect during labour and was thinking I would just do what the midwives suggested. After meeting with Grace, I felt so much more empowered to have the birth I wanted. My partner and I consulted the awesome info Grace gave us during labour, helping us to remain as calm as possible as we welcomed our baby girl into the world. Grace is kind, understanding and a wealth of information. I have recommended Grace to friends and they all agree that her services are highly valuable.


Super helpful tips and advice about breastfeeding, and also a delight to talk to. She really helped me understand the things I am nervous about, and alleviated my fears about the early stages of motherhood.


I had a lovely visit from Grace for a postpartum consultation. She was immediately warm, caring, reassuring and knowledgeable. She cooked some delicious meals for my 10 month old, catering to her interests and dietary needs. I really appreciated our conversations about solids, breastfeeding, sleeping and just motherhood in general. I found the visit so helpful and would absolutely recommend Grace from At Your Side Doula Services to any new mum!


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